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Residential Inspections

I employ the use of thermal imaging on every property inspection at no additional cost to my clients. Moisture and many other defects in a home are hidden and hard to detect until property damage becomes evident. By converting heat into visible images, thermal imaging helps us locate additional defects that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Wood Destroying Insects Inspections

Wood-destroying organisms can cause significant damage to a home and to materials outside of a home, so it is imperative that they are identified and removed by an authorized professional as soon as possible.

Radon Testing

The biggest benefit of radon testing is peace of mind. Radon has no smell, taste, or color, and beyond contributing to the development of lung cancer, radon exposure has no symptoms that can be identified by a doctor. That means a radon test is the only way to make sure your home has a safe level of radon.

Condo On Slab Inspections

Condos can have many of the same issues that homes can have, so it is important to make sure that the area is a safe place to live!

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